What is Providence Psychology?

Providence Psychology Services is a group psychotherapy practice offering compassionate, high-quality mental health care in Providence, RI.

We use empirically-based and science driven methods including the latest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

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Providence Psychology is staffed by experienced professionals who are dedicated to your health and well-being by providing you with the highest quality services possible.

Our clinicians are all extensively trained, professional licensed Clinical Psychologists who hold doctoral degrees, and we work together to provide you with the best mental and behavioral health care.

What services do you offer?

We treat adults, adolescents, children, and families using the latest treatments in Cognitive Behavioral and Acceptance & Commitment Therapies.

We provide high-quality psychological assessment and treatment to individuals and groups to alleviate suffering and help you meet life’s challenges.

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In addition to individual therapy, we offer a range of therapy groups to further support and skill-building. Current group availabilities include for individuals navigating OCD, skin picking / hair pulling, and weight loss, as well as ongoing psychology book groups.

What areas do you have expertise in?

We specialize in treatment for anxiety, depression, OCD and related disorders, bipolar disorders, trauma & stress-related disorders, and health behavior changes, as well as life changes and overall psychological health.

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Our clinicians all provide treatment that is empirically supported, with strong scientific evidence for its effectiveness at improving the quality of life and functioning of people suffering from a wide variety of difficulties. We aim to provide you with the skills to adequately manage your life as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the need for long-term treatment.

Who are Providence Psychology staff?

Providence Psychology is staffed entirely by licensed clinical psychologists with over 50 years of collective experience on the cutting edge of therapeutic treatment.

Our empirically based and scientifically driven treatment is always safe and confidential, with personalized services provided in a private setting so you can lead a rich, full, and vital life.

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We are dedicated to providing you with competent, caring, professional psychological services grounded in scientific research.

We will work collaboratively with you to help you achieve and maintain optimal mental and physical health.


We'd love to hear from you.

Contact Providence Psychology founder Joseph Trunzo, PhD.

If you have any questions or do not hear from him, please email the Zencare team at hello@zencare.co.