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Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) Skills Class



It is possible to have too much self-control.

This is a counterintuitive idea behind Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO DBT). RO DBT is an empirically based therapy that effectively treats over-controlled clients. Self-control refers to our ability to restrain acting on our urges, emotions, and wants in favor of longer term goals.

Most of the time, self-control is good, but some people can suffer from excessive self-control. For these people, inhibiting and controlling impulses and emotions has become so habitual and automatic that they have problems relaxing control when needed. This can result in over-controlled people being overly inhibited, perfectionistic, cautious, and feeling exhausted by social interactions. Overcontrolled folks often suffer in silence, holding their pain with such controlled ability that few, if any, know how bad they are hurting.

In RO DBT Skills Classes,, participants will be introduced to the fundamental theory of RO DBT and the three core principles:

1. Being open to feedback, even when it's challenging;

2. Flexibly responding to challenges in our environment (including other's behavior)

3. Effective communication of emotions, recognizing that emotion expression is central to forming strong relationships.

Maggie has completed the ten-day RO DBT intensive training and is thrilled to be bringing this information to clients in the NYC area. She recognizes the effectiveness of RO DBT for persons struggling with eating disorders, as these folks often suffer in silence, holding their pain with such controlled ability that few, if any, know how bad they are hurting.


792 Union St.
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:30pm


$275/session; Cigna is accepted; a sliding scale is available based on class size and availability. Please contact Maggie directly for further information.

Group Therapist

Maggie Ritnour is an art therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Brooklyn, NY who specializes in disordered eating, trauma, and maladaptive coping. Many of her clients are looking to improve their relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves as a whole.

Maggie utilizes a collaborative and team-oriented approach rooted in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RODBT). She works with her clients to explore the coping mechanisms they developed earlier in their lives and helps them cultivate alternative coping strategies, including meditation and breathing exercises. She takes a holistic approach that incorporates the mind and body and frequently works with psychiatrists, MDs, nutritionists, dietitians, and gynecologists to ensure all of her client’s needs are being met.

Maggie also helps individuals better understand their behavior and thought patterns and how these inform their worldview. When appropriate, Maggie utilizes art therapy to help her clients better visualize these patterns.

Maggie works with clients to establish a rapport and a sense of safety and trust. She offers a non-judgmental space where individuals feel comfortable discussing their most inner thoughts. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey towards healing.